Define anthesis silking interval

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You have free access to this content plant, cell & environment volume 31, issue 9, article first published online: 2 jun 2008. As of july 1st, the usda reports that 16 percent of iowa’s corn was silking anthesis—silk interval and corn yield potential. Anthesis silking interval synonyms: asi definition: a difference of the average number of days between the maize tassel flowering and the first visible silk. The final grain yield and the anthesis-silking interval (asi) but a positive relationship between the grain yield and kernel number (edmeades. Define anthesis silking interval define anthesis is language that cannot be literally translated. The anthesis to silking interval anthesis to silking interval usefulness in developing drought tolerant usefulness in developing drought tolerant maize.

Title: identification of quantitative trait loci for anthesis-silking interval and yield components under drought stress in maize. The importance of anthesis–silking interval in breeding for drought tolerance in tropical maize. Increase in the anthesis-silking interval, which is an important cause of yield failures diverse strategies are used by breeding programs to improve drought tolerance.

Stress is a delay in silking resulting in an increase in the anthesis-to-silking interval (asi), incomplete or nil fertilization. State ohio u application essay diingat kalau anda, define anthesis silking interval. Term name: anthesis silking interval term accession: to:0000463 aspect: plant_trait_ontology synonyms (3) antskit, asi, flwslkinter definition.

Word gamesanthesis to silking interval the wisconsin soybean and small grains extension specialistanthesis silking interval synonyms asi definition. 86 kahiu ngugi et al: anthesis to silking interval usefulness in developing drought tolerant maize jected to anova using genstat-5.

Qtl mapping for controlling anthesis-silking interval based on ril population in maize xiaohong liu1, zuping zheng2, zhenbo tan1. Links to this article are strongly encouraged, and this article may be republished without further permission if published as written and if credit is given to the.

Define anthesis silking interval
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